The Glue for Any Material

The Glue for Any Material

23 June 2017

UHU’s motto is Glues Anything, Anytime.  There has never been a truer statement.
UHU is glue that can pretty much stick any material together for all glueing tasks.
The UHU Twist & Glue is a 3 in 1 applicator that has become the go to sticking product for anyone involved in Model Building, Handicrafts, Do-It-Yourself, Crafts and Industry.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

DIY has become for many more than just a recreational past-time or hobby.  DIY is frequently being used as a means to generate income and for those using it as an economic alternative, the need for the right adhesive tool is crucial.
This is where UHU Twist & Glue performs like a rock star!  
This interactive glue can be used on an extensive range of materials, be it wood, glass, mirrors, paper, carton cardboard, stone, ceramic, concrete, metals, textile, leather, or any other type of material (synthetic or otherwise). 
Due to its epic adhesive properties, UHU Twist & Glue has become an indispensable tool for an extensive range of DIY projects.

Handicrafts, Crafts and Industry

Like DIY, there are those who enjoy dabbling in a variety of handicraft and other type of craft activities immensely.   
Whatever the paper craft project, be it making your own piñata, origami heart or rose flowers, creating a stained glass window, building a balloon out of paper, making your own paper house or Christmas star, there are a hundred different ways that UHU Twist & Glue can be put to good use.

Model Building

UHU is a brilliant product to use in model building as well.  Whether you are a constructing a railway, aircraft or ship model, or even plastic modelling, the adhesive properties of UHU Twist & Glue will meet all your model building needs. In a colossal way!
So if you’re building a table, or making a piñata or even constructing an airplane model, use UHU. It will change your life! Really!