Leo. Patriotis envisioned the potential that the motoring trade could have and set out to build up a range of Car Care and Automotive Chemical products that would have consumer demand in the Cyprus market. By the beginning of 1981, Leo. Patriotis had successfully penetrated the motor industry market with various brands and set his sights on a larger more extensive range of products the company could distribute.
Various new products were selected to launch a new area of specialization and the D.I.Y section of the company was created.
By 1983 when the company was officially established, Leo. Patriotis Ltd was already a market leader in the supply of automotive and D.I.Y products in the trade.
Today the Company is a leading trading organisation and supplier of D.I.Y, Hardware, Car Care and Automotive Chemical products to the trade. Patriotis represents global brands and is recognized for maintaining the excellent world-wide reputation of represented products. We exclusively represent over 62 suppliers and boast in excess of 2000 product codes.


Our objective at Patriotis, is to ultimately maintain a steady introduction of new brands to our portfolio, whilst maintaining the necessary effort to all existing brands.
We aim to keep our personnel motivated, so that they continue representing our company and brands in the market effectively. We will maintain our excellent and knowledgeable assistance to our clients and keep our brands in the end users mind through effective communication campaigns that enhance consumer demand.
With our mid term objectives reached, we are poised to expand rapidly into new related areas with potential for the Cyprus market.


In 2003 we relocated to our purpose built national distribution center, which is conveniently located near the port city of Limassol, this has given our company unlimited potential for expansion. The new facilities now mean that we can further develop our product range to include new and exiting brands.
We now manage larger volumes of products whilst still monitoring incoming and outgoing orders effectively. Electronic monitoring devices continually analyse stock availability and effectively alert warehouse controllers when levels are low.
The company's corporate offices adjoin our warehouse facilities and this provides better communications between the sales team, warehouse controllers, logistics, accounts and management personnel.
Orders are processed promptly and their delivery schedule is enforced in order to ensure a continuous availability of all our products to the customer. This in itself provides Patriotis and our brands with a clear competitive advantage.
Our delivery vans are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) to ensure delivery in a timely manner.

Sales Force

Our sales force is made up of experienced personnel with a knowledgeable capability of promoting our brands. It is expected by the management that each sales force member receives extensive training in regards to each product, its benefits and recommended uses.
Their skills and product knowledge are monitored continually and improved via management run training programs, which utilize our suppliers support. At Patriotis we actively advise on product placement and are responsible for the merchandising of products in stores.
Our extensive experience includes supply to D.I.Y and Hardware shops, Petrol Stations and professional car wash centers and Hypermarkets. Our team of specialist merchandisers is always at hand to advice and guide our clients’ suggestions and enforcement on layout and product display.
Our sales team is regularly re-equipped with a new fleet of vehicles providing the reliable service we pride ourselves upon.
Each delivery route is carefully planned in order to maintain precise timing for deliveries whilst also allowing time for sales and client relationships to blossom. At Patriotis we try hard to actively maintain human relations.