The Blue and Yellow Can With 2000 Uses

The Blue and Yellow Can With 2000 Uses

23 June 2017
WD-40 is an internationally renowned miracle multi-use product globally recognised by its blue and yellow can.
And it will seriously change your world!
WD-40 is made up of one unique formula that with 2 sprays and 5 core functions can literally be used in thousands of different ways.
So what can WD-40 do?  This:

Drives Out Moisture

Yes. WD-40 can displace moisture from just about any item, including car wiring, spark plug wires in cars and on tanks, water-damaged cellular phones, electrical connections, boat parts, bicycle chains, bicycle gear shifting cables, scuba diving gear, electric generators and many others.  In addition, WD-40 can be utilised to start wet engines and it can prevent corrosion of boat battery terminals, electrical connections in engines and underwater connectors of Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)


WD-40 can be used to protect a multitude of products from rusting and it can clean and safeguard a range of tools including oil tanks, kitchen tools, cargo release systems, control panel boards, rear view mirror boards, radar gear, metal fencing, various bathroom tiles, and many others.

Removes Or Frees Sticky Mechanisms

WD-40 is phenomenal in the use of easing removal of nuts and bolts in cars and pinion shafts on old pistons, removing road tar from vehicles, as well as freeing stuck intercom buttons on security systems, fuel door cables, buttons on electric stoves, locks on lock boxes, it can buff out scuff marks on bumpers and it can clean adhesive tape residue, and so forth.


Amongst other uses, WD-40 can also be applied to a massive range of products to prevent sticking.

These are by no means exhaustive uses of WD-40 but should provide you with an idea of the colossal power of this can!